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Public Relations

Our company possesses extensive experience in developing and executing PR campaigns tailored to meet our clients' unique business objectives. We anticipate, analyze, and interpret public opinions, attitudes, and issues that could impact the organization's operations and plans. At 361 Degrees Africa, we handle the conceptualization and implementation of effective communication strategies, which include conducting primary and secondary research, conducting thorough analyses of target audiences and stakeholders, understanding clients' vision and strategic essentials, and determining desired perceptions. Following this process, our team is empowered to establish influential campaign goals, craft key brand and service messages, and identify and activate relevant communication channels necessary to achieve meaningful business results.

Media Management and Relations

We assist clients and brands in cultivating robust relationships through both conventional and digital publications. These publications cover news pertaining to the brand's category and leverage these relationships to establish credibility and raise awareness. A well-executed media relations campaign can fuel your brand's expansion by enhancing its visibility within the target audience. Through our extensive network, which encompasses trusted media outlets at local and national levels, we ensure the necessary outcomes for the growth of your product and company

Marketing Communication

We specialize in devising methods and tactics aimed at assisting clients in delivering their message uniquely and creatively to their prospective customers. This encompasses a range of approaches, such as Google promotions, print advertisements, television commercials, social media marketing, blogging, content marketing, and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, among an array of other strategic initiatives.


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